Andrew Fairlie

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie is the only 2 star Michelin- rated establishment in Scotland. Situated within the Gleneagles Hotel in Aucterarder, the food is truly sublime. Of course I had to book in advance despite being a hotel resident, the restaurant only accommodated 50 guests.

I was pleased to secure a place at the table of this premier Scottish chef. I opted for the degustation menu with wines chosen to compliment each of the seven courses. Each dish was presented and described by my waiter and every wine likewise. Some canopies came forth to accompany an aperitif.

The first course was a ballotine of Foie Gras and almond milk (above).

Seared dived scallop, crab and chervil

Sorry, couldn’t wait – seared sea trout (heaven)

Wild mushroom ravioli, asparagus velouté and truffle.

Home smoked Scottish lobster, arm lime and herb butter.

Roast loin of Highland Roe Deer, Game Bon Bon and Game Jus

Something involving Camembert 

Strawberries all round

Delicate coffee cups made foe the restaurant in Scotland.

A wee dram from the whiskey trolley.


PS I was going to call this post – ‘Who killed Bambi?’ but that may have trivialized an exquisite meal.


  1. As you say, sublime, Ian. You always did enjoy a good meal.


  2. Richard Hoy

    Dear Ian

    Thanks for the bulletins on your holiday journey. Good to see that you are looking after yourself. We sent the record of your degustation meal to our son and daughter in law who have a hobby of attending Michelin-starred restaurants all around the world (e.g. Sydney, Majorca, Copenhagen, Sans Sebastian) in their holidays. Hope you are going to Edinburgh as you are quite close. It’s much more interesting and cultured than Glasgow with lots of beautiful buildings, etc. When we were last there, we found the house where Deborah’s mother lived before coming to Australia – she’s a Campbell so you have to tread carefully. Enjoy

    Kind Regards

    Richard and Deborah

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