London, June 2017

Yes I am in London. The terrorist attack by Islamic Fundamentalists on the day of my arrival have somewhat overshadowed my ability to start blogging, at least until I could reflect on the disconnect between what occurred and the Muslins encountered in daily life (at least in London).

Since my arrival I have met a number of Muslims, all of whom seem to be well integrated into British life. They have been compassionate, reliable, fun people who were helpful and engaging ordinary people. 

There are, of course, equally repelling Christian Fundamentalists, who inflict damage through spiritual abuse rather than physical violence. The damage is both spiritual and psychological, both alienating people from Christianity and leading to higher rates of depression and even suicide. I refer to people with views about ‘the bible’ such as Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and even, it seems, our own Margaret Court. Many run churches for personal gain, claiming to be bible-based as if this allegation prevents any warranted analysis of their teachings and the effect it has on others – both Christians and potential believers alike.

An excellent response to the recent Margaret Court controversy was written by Robyn Whittaker and published in The Conversation and on the ABC website today – ‘Note to Margaret Court: the Bible isn’t meant to be read that literally’

Analysis & Opinion: Note to Margaret Court: the Bible isn’t meant to be read that literally

We must hold all those who were killed in the London Bridge and Borough Market attack in our prayers, as well as those throughout the world suffering from Christian spiritual abuse.


  1. Dear Father M,

    Father George led us in prayer for the victims of the London disaster and of course for yourself. Had we not heard from you
    and seen coverage of Andrew Morrison, we might have been afraid that a mistake in the Christian name had been
    made. Most of us would have heard the early news and it seemed an anomaly that the church was bedecked in
    red and that many wore red for Pentecost as requested. John and Jenny looked suitably festive, (thanks to Father Ian said
    You know me, red from head to toe, as someone said. Someone made a lovely pink birthday sponge cake but not many
    sat for morning tea. Auntie Jill told me she would be looking after Duchess and would stay at home and look after Jeff

    More later. Take care, Ian

  2. Elsbeth

    I read your blog with interest, thanks for the insights. Last Sunday was the first time I’d been to St G’s for over a month, and it was such a joy to go. I realised that I’ve missed all the seasonal celebrations, and are back in time to go green.
    I’m not a particular fan of Tony Abbott, but was very pleased to hear him say that Muslim ideology has not killed people, it is the repellent fundamentalists that have lost the plot.
    Now the rain has stopped, time for a walk around the block. What joys!

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