The alcoholic, the narcissist and the train

I love mystery stories but this one was a struggle.

Meet Rachel. Sad pathetic annoying Rachel.

img_2273She managed to maintain that sad face for the entire film. Her performance was, in a word, blunt. My name’s Rachel and I’m an alcoholic. Boy, was she what. She was quite annoying at times, I wanted to slap her, but usually someone beat me to it. Rachel really needed to get a life. In the end she says has, but it looked remarkably the same, though her hair was combed.

Meet Megan.

img_2274Self-absorbed much? Total narcissist. Manages to stand on the balcony at the same time every day –  in her bra. A good look, but pure psycho. And after you sit in on her therapy sessions –  gross out. The therapist had a nice mid-century house, so I took small comfort that someone in the film had good taste – the location scout?

Meet the train.

img_2271Every day it slows down at the same spot. Really?

Even the train let me down.


  1. Anne Carver

    Agh – we were thinking of going to see this movie as I read the book! Currently in Albany and having a lovely holiday. Anne and Paul

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  2. Elsbeth

    That’s acting school for you, learning how to be ‘blunt’, stand each day in the same bra with hair combed, and hopefully, hopefully that is, do something with the same train each day. So important to maintain the image, whatever that is.
    Me? Well I’d be happy to be smooth, uncombed and waiting for the bus.

  3. We were warned by one reviewer to avoid seeing a trailer as it
    would ruin one’s enjoyment. As I like train stories I feel tempted
    despite your excellent and acerbic critique.

  4. Elsbeth

    love all the comments. I haven’t read the book nor seen the film. I’m not sure which way to travel – ha ha now and may have to be in a bit of limbo for a while. Oh the drama!

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