Hay Fever

Just opened at the Duke of York Theatre (a Theatre Royal Bath Production) starring Felicity Kendall.

I enjoyed it, though I preferred the production with Penelope Keith in 1983. Noël Coward said it was “far and away one of the most difficult plays to perform that I have ever encountered”. I feel this cast may have found it so.


  1. I remember Penelope Keith and Kay Kendall in The Good Life

  2. Elsbeth

    Magnificent theatre.

  3. Elsbeth

    Penelope Keith doesn’t seem to age, still as beautiful as ever. I watch her on Rosemary and Thyme tv occasionally..

  4. Elsbeth

    My theatrical experience recently has been held at St G’s when the beautifully restored painting of ‘The Great Sacrifice was brought home to us. It’s in St Martin’s Chapel and is truly beautiful. The figure of Christ is depicted in Spirit form and there are wonderful pinks and golds in the sky. The soldier’s hand can be now seen as touching Christ’s foot. It was received on April 26th for Anzac Day in the Octave of St George.

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