The Shepherd of Leytonstone


What a pleasure to spend Good Shepherd Sunday with my friend Fr Neil-Allan Walsh SCP and his congregation at St Margaret’s Leytonstone. 


A grand Victorian church with a faithful congregation that made me extremely welcome. Loved the incense, the liturgy and the sermon, vigorously delivered.

After the service I had a coffee with the parishioners and joined them for their Annual Parish Council Meeting, led by Fr Neil.

Afterwards we adjourned to the Presbytery for some champagne and then explored the local pub for lunch where there was plenty of evidence that yuppies were invading the local establishments. Plenty of newcomers to draw to the parish’s own licenced bar.

Tomorrow I visit someone I met on the Internet – stay tuned. 


  1. So pleased you were made so welcome, Ian. Champagne before lunch, and a bar! Your cheese and wine for Evensong
    is enjoyed. Does Fr Neil-Allan Walsh treat his congregation in like manner?

  2. Elsbeth

    What a lovely and peaceful looking church, glad that champagne has been on the agenda too.

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