The eyes have it

It always pays to check one diary to ensure that you have your life under control. Last night I set off to the theatre, confident that I knew where I was going – which I did, except I went a day early and so I missed my first play The Three Lions at the St James Theatre. It was too late to get there in time. I have acquired some new glasses today to ensure I keep an eye on my timetable. 

Drifting in Covent Garden, I decided to try to find a restaurant that I went to in Soho 14 years ago – it had the best home made ice cream. I have tried to find it on subsequent visits, but never thoroughly. 

Of course I stumbled upon it immediately, and there was a table for me, which was just as well because a number of subsequent enquirers got the brush off.

Not an impressive look, but three courses for 12 pounds, with good food makes it one of London’s best, imho. And the lemon ice cream was sensational. Poor Also, who I was informed makes the ice cream, looked pretty ancient, so I had better return again while I am here.

Friday night in Soho was busy.


I find it Gard to imagine anyone would still want to see Miss Saigon. I hate that Madame Butterfly knock off, am over that opera too.

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  1. Thank you Ian. Mouth watering details. I’ve just had an afternoon tea here with Simon’s strawberry and cream sponge, Patricia’s simnel cake for five. I provided two dogs and atmosphere.

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