Midweek church

This is my favourite church on the outside – St Peter’s in Queenstown. Alex Sexton was married here in November last, and the HTSH cope of Fr Geoffrey Sexton travelled across the ‘ditch’ to be worn by the Bishop of Otago who performed the ceremony. I believe it was a very beautiful service, and you can imagine from the interior shot below.

It has a beautiful lychgate

and the gardens are kept trimmed to show the church to its fullest.

Being on a corner within the town centre, there is plenty of passing traffic and visitors to the church and garden – particularly those of us seeing a seat in the shade of a tree. On the corner behind the church and adjacent to the Parish Call they have developed a new commercial building which runs half way down the next street (bit special).

On the corner with outdoor seating facing the church is a coffee shop names Halo.

It is well frequented and it’s menu is called ‘Order of Service’. The staff wear t-shirts with ‘Worship Me’ on the back.

It was definitely the place for breakfast or as they termed it – ‘Morning Service’!


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  1. Yes it is a beautiful church inside and out, I like the way it nestles amid the trees but the spaces are used creatively (hem, hem) and people can interact with the church or not as they choose. Wonderful name for a church coffee shop, and it looks a fun place too. They appear to cater for hikers around the city with yum meals. I have not been to NZ, but in some ways it reminds me of Perth many years ago (pre Americas Cup).

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