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No sooner had I ventured out of Melbourne (well, almost), than there is a change of Prime Minister. You can’t turn your back for a moment. At least this one I have met in church. They say practice makes perfect so as this is Mr Rudd’s (‘call me Kevin’) second go at it, I trust he will make a strong showing between now and the election – whenever that is now going to be – am still hoping for 14 Sept as we have booked our halls in for use by the AEC that day.



this is my room at the Wycliffe Conference Centre at Kangaroo Ground, north-east of Melbourne. Yes, there are kangaroos to be seen at dawn and at dusk, though they don’t generally come over as far as the Centre itself – not so far anyway. My room is the one behind the ‘No parking’ sign, and is shown below –


It is sunny in the afternoons and well heated. The conference is part of the Diocesan EPIC program – ‘Equipping Priests in Charge’ and we are learning about different styles of functioning and how to develop a effective team comprising a mix of people with different styles. It is very interesting and well conducted. I missed this session in my first year at Surrey Hills as it conflicted with a Diocesan meeting. This time round it is a three-day session, so they really got me there.

As usual there is a trail of devastation whenever I attend such events. A few years ago at a conference at Pallotti (near Warburton) someone suffered a broken ankle, last year we stayed in a motel in Knox and someone had to go home sick. This time someone fell over and cut themselves and had to retreat for repairs, so our prayers are with him. I must say the poor lighting of the grounds here is an OH&S nightmare. Then again, the slippery wet grass at Palotti is no joy either, though the food here is a substantial improvement. [Note to self: bring a torch next time – am too scared to use my iphone in case I trip and it goes flying off somewhere].

Must go to bed as I am leading Morning Prayer tomorrow at 8.30am.

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  1. I’ve missed Father M insights, and chuckled at the trail of devastation that accompanies you. But yes, torch is good idea.
    I went to Ron Dowlings funeral yesterday at St John’s Finch St. If the conference included many of the diocese, they were there. The church was packed with A/bishops, Bishops, Priests of all areas, all for this sometimes grumpy but always approachable man. He was George L’s Curate and I think that George was really feeling this event keenly. Ron once came to my home in Malvern and saved me from doing foster child Deborah a harm by taking her to one side while I cooled off. I will always be grateful to him.
    While this last 6 months has been huge, reflecting on that now gives me insight into my strengths.
    Thanks Ron.

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