Home alone

It’s a strange feeling not to be able to hear the dog breathing. Duchess is Going to the Dogs, that’s the name of her beauty parlour. I dropped her there this morning at 8am for a fluff and buff – wash and nails.


Most of the fun is the ride to and from the beautician. Once there she has to wait in a crate until it s her turn. Meanwhile I have some time home alone, and I really notice her absence because I can’t hear her breathing.

She does love riding in the car.

One comment

  1. She certainly looks ready to go and say woof to all her friends. I love the name of the boutique!
    My cat Dorothy will be the next one to ‘go to the dogs’, and not the boutique. I keep her in at night and when there is another cat outside or possums she wants to go and hunt and uses me as the prey… Elsbeth

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