Going potty

I am trying to get my pot plants sorted. They need more attention that I care to give them and some need more shade than is available in their present position. Am I the only person who waters them with a crystal jug?


On Sunday I lunched with some of our parishioners at Acorn Nursery. Dangerous. Not only can you buy food, but plants as well. I came home with my first orchid.

Now I really do need to do something about ‘things in pots’. Some are beginning to flower


whilst some have died while I was away. I need ten green fingers (are thumbs fingers? I’ll google that).

One comment

  1. The orchid is beautiful and your camera flash has captured the depth of colour. I had planned to get an orchid when I moved here, but bought some other things instead, eg Vegoia fruiting shrub. I wanted to grow things I’d never grown. With your beautiful specimen I can see that in time your green fingers will match your robes.

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