House calls

They just don’t happen anymore do they. I remember when the family doctor could be called in the middle of the night and he would arrive in his pyjamas and gown to attend to my fever. Now you have to take your child to hospital and further bog down a stretched system.

And they don’t happen for me anymore either. At least not the movie kind. Last Friday was our movie night for the parish and we had advertised the film House Calls which I thought was a fun choice. However, I had not attempted to play the DVD until everyone was assembled on a cold evening in Carter Hall. Having wowed them (not) with a selection of my holiday schnapps snaps, I suddenly found that the laptop would not recognise the DVD and I couldn’t get it to start playing. Awkward.

I ran back to the vicarage to see what else I could play as a substitute and found a brand new copy of Love Actually. Now lawyers are taught to never ask a question in court which they do not already know the answer to and I think for priests the rule should be ‘Never show a film that you haven’t already seen’. It was a very funny film but there were some, shall we say, risqué moments which fortunately passed muster okay. [memo to self: anything goes in this parish!]. So it looks like Four Weddings and a Funeral for the next film night.

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