Roving in Fitzrovia


Thoughtful to have made a ‘Tardis’ for dwarfs, I thought.

Today I am on my way to church, walking west through through Bloomsbury, home to the British Museum (below) and on to the area occupied by the University College London and the BBC, known generally as Fitzrovia. I haven’t been here previously.


The university’s campus is quite extensive and is a mixture of buildings.


There is a large teaching hospital (below) associated with the university that is very modern, considering some of the other older Victorian establishments.


It has an associated cancer hospital (below) a bit more pleasing on the eye than our own Peter MacCallum.


There is still plenty of evidence of the Florence Nightingale era. Below is the Cruciform building, literally in the shape of a cross.



There are still plenty of parks


and also some new developments. Below is a site whose hoarding is used as a cultural photo array of the local area.


I stopped for coffee before High Mass.

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  1. John Joyce scp

    Father, there’s a link betwen this and the next post. The Sisters at All Saints [now based in Oxford] worked at UCH and there was one of them on each ward; thus providing the origin of the term “Ward Sister”.

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