Three coins in the fountain – not


The saying goes that if you throw a coin over your right shoulder into the Trevi fountain, you will return to Rome (this is where Spain could get some lessons in financial planning). But a priest’s stipend only stretches so far. I will leave it to the German tourists, as usual, to assist financially. And I carry no cash (remember royalty, poverty or gypsies, take your pick), as I spent it on a drink (take that owls). There are a number of water fountains in the city which you can drink from. Not this one, of course, because some people wade in which doesn’t bear thinking about.


Audaces fortuna iuvat (Fortune favors the brave) which in my case was braving the rain when I found myself seeking shelter in a doorway leading into the Palazzo Colonna. Wow! It was so good, I bought the book. The palace is only open on Saturday mornings, so it was a real find. Thank you rain. See if I had bought that umbrella earlier, I would have just walked past.

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