All at sea

There are heaps of things to do every day.  The schedule is delivered the previous evening.

There is a small casino on board, and lessons are available. 

In fact you can learn about a myriad of things, including from the ship’s pastry chef.

There is a library. I’m not sure how to borrow a book but will do so today so that I don’t have to read from my phone over post- dinner drinks.

I opted for the line-dancing, 

but chose to only photograph the fencing class.

Of course, there were plenty of outside activities too. Snapped this one early so you miss the exposed bodies.

This evening was a formal night, so it was dinner suit attire for the restaurant and evening events. 

Following dinner there was another show in the theatre and then a drink named after our patroness herself ‘Queen Victoria Martini’.

To more music in the background.

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